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SteelSeries introduces a series of special HOTS products

02/04/2013 - Pospi  |   Recommend  |  

The SteelSeries Company has been doing great job recently. They keep giving special offers for new as well as older products. For example last week you could see the special offer for Guild Wars 2, when they offered three peripheries in one package for a special price. These days are about the new part of StarCraft 2, the Heart of the Swarm. This company offers skins for each of the periphery also for the first data disc. 

Let’s have a close look on this week’s special offer. You can buy a combination of products for a very nice price.


The offer is divided into three categories - Gamer, e-Sports and Pro-Gamer. Each has something special, but they have one thing in common. In all of them you can find the SteelSeries QcK mouse pad with the Heart of the Swarm features. In the Gamer category you can find also the SteelSeries Kinzu v2 mouse which is normally for €40, but in this combination it is for €25 and you can as well choose one of its five styles. So you can save €20 on this gamer bundle, when you count the save you make on the mouse pad too.

The second category e-Sport has one of the newest SteelSeries products - Flux In-ear headset. You can also find there the SteelSeries Sensei [RAW] mouse and Qck mouse pad. The price of this bundle is €90 with the savings up to €35. The last category is Pro-Gamer with Flux In-ear Pro headset which has really professional quality, and by the way you can see them here, and you can read all about this new promo here.

This special offer also means that you can order as much products you want in each category, but at least one of every product. So for example from the first category you can order one QcK mouse pad and as many Kinzu v2 mice as you wish, all for the special price.


One last special thing is that with the HotS release, SteelSeries comes with a special skin for QcK mouse pad. In Wings of Liberty was the most popular Marauder skin, and in this data disc it will be off course Kerrigan. The complete HotS offer is on the SteelSeries website.

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