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eSuba has a new partner

05/12/2012 - Pospi  |   Recommend  |  
The eSuba.INTEL team is doing really great lately. Our teams are among the top ones in Czech Republic and the whole team maintains very high standard. It would be a big mistake to sit back and relax thinking that everything works just fine and we don’t have to work on it anymore. But will never do that. We know that we have to work hard to improve our team and now we have a new strong partner now.

Yes, we are again shaking hands with one of the biggest players on the Czech market. Our new partner is MMD Monitors & Displays Czech Republic Company, which is the main producer of monitors and other display devices Philips! So you are going to see much more Philips displays, which have very high quality and interesting functions and their adaptive design can fit to any kind of gaming computer.


For now, let’s have a look at the newest product line Philips 3D Gioco. It has the Ambiglow technology which intensifies your gaming experience and increases comfort while working. It also creates an image-matching halo of light on rear wall and visually enlarges the screen that gives you a truly immersive 3D experience. A very fast processor automatically adjusts brightness and colors of the light.

This product line of monitors has also the Smart Bias 6500K lighting which ensures optimum viewing experience while working in a dark room. Smart Bias light creates a soft halo (static 6500k) white light on the surrounding wall around the monitor and helps reduce eye strain and fatigue.


High efficient 3D technology ensures a unique and immersive 3D viewing experience. Users can enjoy playing their games in 3D (using added DDD software). Switching from the classical 2D to 3D is really easy, just by pressing a hot-key on monitor and the game automatically turns into 3D. Gioco monitor is also able to connect to Blue-ray and play it in 3D.

This latest Philips display uses advanced AH-IPS LED panels improving color reproduction and providing other view angle panels. To connect other devices, you can use HDMI and also USB 3.0, which is 10 times faster than the standard 2.0. The design of these monitors is very minimalistic and elegant so it looks great on any table in any room.

As you can see Philips monitors are going to be a great part of any players den and our eSuba.INTEL team is very pleased that these awesome monitors are going to be part of the equipment of the best Czech and Slovak players.

And now, we would like to tell you something about the company MMD Monitors & Displays Czech Republic:

The MMD Company was established in 2009 through a brand license agreement between the Philips and TPV Company. It is 100% owned by TPV. MMD had exclusive rights for selling Philips branded PC and TV monitors and displays worldwide. The combination of the strength of the Philips brand and TPVs manufacture possibilities enables to MMD to deliver many innovative products to wide variety of clients. MMD is a worldwide company with the central office on Thai-wan. The office for the middle and Eastern Europe is in Prague (MMD Monitors & Displays Czech Republic). Through a network of domestic sellers and distributors, MMD cooperates with the best European retail stores. The design and development centers are also on Thai-wan.

The MMD Monitors & Displays Czech Republic Company is a provider of Philips monitors to the Czech and Slovak market. It cooperates with the best Czech distributors of ICT technology, for example AT Computers, SWS, 100MEGA distribution and ABC Data. In Slovakia it distributes Philips monitors through eD system Slovakia and ASBIS SK. For more information, see

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