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eSuba presents new partner -

06/10/2010 - Pospi  |   Recommend  |  
We are proud to present our new partner - n1ping, which is one of the best gameserver provider in Europe. And what the players think?
Company n1ping is a gameserver provider operating from Italy offering game server from the best ping datacenter all around the Europe. Their goal is to provide the best gaming experience for our customers and any other player that uses a gameserver branded n1ping.

Why n1ping infrastructure is greater than the competitors?
We continuosly increase the service features by replying directly to our costumers needs as we are our own suppliers (we develop everything in home, we do not have to wait third parties to fix problems or provide new features).

Why you should choose n1ping?
You should choose n1ping as your provider because our systems are the top that you can find in the gameserver market. Of course the quality has its price but we give you our word that you and your team will not be disappointed in buying a n1ping gamaeserver.

Petr "hectic" König, member of the Call of Duty 4 team:
"On the n1ping servers we have great ping and no lag. Their web interface really surprised me pleasantly. It contains the much needed and important functions. The n1ping support is friendly, fast and you can see that they know what they are talking about. I'm really satisfied, seeing as I've tried many European server hosting and n1ping is simply the best."

Michal "Majkl_GO" Míka, member of the Counter-Strike: Source team:
"Going on my extensive experience, the company n1ping offers the best servers in Europe. The Quality is certainly better than others, especially the price. Also their web interface is great - you can restart the server or switch game whenever you feel it is needed. The most outstanding feature is of which how you can update the server (which is really important for CS:SS, because of upgrades) in just one click and it's done. I have to say that this is one of the fastest and most efficient server company in the world."

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