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Lucky to be back!

25/10/2009 - T-eam  |   Recommend  |  
Three days ago, it was rumoured that out Call of Duty 4 team had left the organisation. These rumours were of course true and news spread across the internet. This came with a shock to the community, but our search didn’t go far.

The community were expecting the return of Lukas’ “luckeR” Blazek, but this wasn’t seen to happen and the community was disappointed not to see their favourite sniper back in action. Those, who have now seen the good news are not surprisingly celebrating as luckeR returns to the Call of Duty 4 Scene with his own team!

We will be expecting some great results from this team with such an impressive line up as this. Peter "hectic" König, who played Call of Duty 4 under nEophyte and later for Necroraisers. Michal 'trunk' Břoušek who played with the organisation We Were Immortal. The fourth name on the roster is Francis "Holly" Ulrych who played for our local rivels, nEophyte and SnoopY. Last but not least, we have Pavel "dreader" Parish, which a year ago helped nEophyte take home the World Gamemaster Tournament silver medal.

eSuba.AMD line-up:
 Lukas' luckeR "Blažek
 Petr 'hectic' Konig
 Michal 'trunk' Břoušek
 Francis "Holly" Ulrych
 Pavel "dreader 'Parish

Statement from Lukas' luckeR "Blažek : "To be honest, I didn’t think you would ever see me playing for any team again. I was dealing with the former eSuba cod4 team for some time, but eventually I decided to continue with playing with this great group of people. We’re having a lot of fun and I would feel sorry leaving them just like that. The day when former CoD squad left eSuba my phone rang. It was Scop and I immediately knew what was going on. I was pleased that eSuba remembered of their “old” friend just at that moment. So I got a task. I had to come up with a squad who would be able to represent eSuba on WGT lan party which is taking place pretty soon. There was nothing to think about. I said why not to try win the tournament with these people. They are very experienced concerning lan parties and I dare to say that this is the most important thing. This should be our advantage against the others. As most of you know we do not spend so much time playing the game now, but we still want to show everybody what we got and try to do our best to win it. I hope you will give us some support. Keep your fingers crossed. We will try to do the best we can. See ya @ WGT guys !!!"

Statement from Ladislav "Nodlle_____" Dyntar: "When the old CoD 4 squad left we were discussing whether to search for a new one or not. With the most important CZ/SK tournament ahead - WGT, we simply couldn't miss being there. We have found a new team in luckeR's half-mixed lineup, which has an enormous potential to win. The arrangements were made very fast and without any problem, we both know that there is nothing to lose and that we have reached a win-win situation. We believe that our new squad will be one of the favorites to gain the gold medals and that they will not dissapoints either us nor our fans. Beware - luckeR is back!  ;)"

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