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eSuba had a very successful weekend, it did well both at home and in Europe

04/04/2016 - Pospi  |   Recommend  |  

Last weekend of March was very demanding for the whole eSuba team. For the first time in our history, we participated in 5 LAN tournaments simultaneously. Moreover, three of them even took place abroad. You couldn’t miss anything if you followed our reports. And if you didn’t you can recap what happened with us.

Five tournaments, four countries, twelve players, four precious metals. Also with this numbers, we can describe the last weekend when the eSuba representatives were really busy and finally basically succeeded at all fronts, as evidenced by several medals. Our player also made a very respectable bundle of money over the weekend. Well, you can see it yourself in the following table:

Overview of eSuba financial prizes from the weekend
Counter Strike: Global Offensive Slovensko eSuba.CS:GO 1.. místo 34 400 Kč Maďarsko Infinity Csarnok LAN 30
TrackMania Nations Forever Slovensko Marek "tween" Pacher 2.. místo 16 000 Kč Francie Gamers Assembly 2016
Hearthstone Česká republika Mikuláš "Pokrovač" Dio 4.. místo 30 000 Kč Velká Británie Truesilver Championship
FIFA 16 Česká republika Lukáš "DiDa" Černý 1.. místo 10 000 Kč Česká republika Silesian Gaming Cup
Hearthstone Česká republika Nikolas "Swissking" Kožlej 2.. místo 3000 Kč Česká republika Wangl Championship


Now let’s get to the recap and we will start with the domestic scene where the successful campaign started. Our virtual footballer Česká republika Lukáš "DiDa" Černý de facto started the medal avalanche when he won the tournament in Dolní Benešov without being defeated at all. A few kilometres further, our Hearthstone section member Česká republika Nikolas "Swissking" Kožlej wanted to walk a similar path and he almost succeeded. But his winning aura faded at the wort possible moment and he left the grand-finals with the silver medal. At the same tournament - Wangl Championship – also Česká republika Pavel "Sychry" Sychrovský participated but he wasn’t very lucky and dropped out fairly quickly.


But they were not the only members of the Hearthstone section who participated in the competitions. The remaining trio from eSuba section went to Great Britain to conquer the local Insomnia57 Truesilver Championship. It was not easy to succeed with such large international competition and although the guys tried hard they did not achieve the desired objective. The captain Česká republika Oldřich "Faeli" Mahdal and Česká republika Štěpán "Ecoo" Mach left the tournament after the first phase so the only one who continued was the amazing Česká republika Mikuláš "pokrovač" Dio who has shown excellent form in the recent weeks. Miky finally managed to get to play-off. But that was unfortunately the end of it. His opponent was slightly better in the first round and with a bit of bad luck, he had to settle for shared fifth place.


Also the popular driver  Marek "tween" Pacher, current number one of our driving stable, was part of the action. Marek went again to France where he took part in Gamers Assembly 2016. And as always it was incredibly dramatic. The success was literally decided by hundredths and nerves of steel. Twen’s driving was as always extremely exciting until the very end. At the end he finished at second place again and got another silver medal in line.


Also our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team was active this weekend when the guys went to try their luck to a Hungarian event - Infinity Csarnok LAN 30. Their amazing form was confirmed also in the city Vác where they crushed one opponent after another. They kept their absolute invincibility until the finals of WB where they lost map Mirage. The same situation happened also in the grand-finals. But that was all the opponents could do.  And so our section celebrated their first title on an international tournament.


Overall it was a wonderful weekend. We are very happy that so many fans followed the actions of our representatives and that they wished them success. Thank you all for your support and we hope that you will keep your fingers crossed for us on other tournaments too! eSuba - Play With Soul!

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